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FOCCUS CCT Clear Connection Tool


1 - MPO Clear Connection Tool (CCT-MPO)



Fast, Effective Fiber Connector End-Face Cleaning 

CCT™ Clear Connection Tool used with the FOCCUS™ MX Precision Cleaning Pen (not included - see kit) provides a fast, simple method of fiber optic cleaning. End faces in bulkheads or on cable assembles are both effortlessly cleaned the first time . . . every time. 

CCT has an easy to use mechanism that advances fabric over a cleaning tip with just a short push and click of the tool. Using the CCT with the FOCCUS MX Precision Cleaning Pen provides for fast, easy and repeatable Combination Cleaning™.



• Cleans connectors on back plane and on jumpers

• Uses Combination Cleaning™ process for first time cleaning, every time

• Effective for the widest range of contaminants

• Easy to use for quick and reliable cleaning

• Rugged and durable, great for all work sites

• Cleans UPC and APC connectors

• Up to 800 cleanings per kit -- 33% more than other tools!

Chemtronics CCT‑MPO

$90.00 Regular Price
$85.50Sale Price
  • Buy 5 or more and get 10% off list price

  • • End-face connector cleaning
    • Cleans MPO connectors
    33% more than other tools!
    • Cleans jumper connectors or backplanes

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