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The LightHawk™ light detection probe is state of the art in precision fiber optic fault location. It is designed to find an infrared glow from splices, connectors, bends, damage, or open ports. While traditional fiber test equipment can identify bad fibers or approximate distance to a fault, pinpointing problems in the real world is often about luck, intuition, or trial and error. The major advantages of the LightHawk™ over VFL devices are that it can safely detect cable faults over long distances (>100km), in bright room light, and in many blue, green, and black coated fibers.
* For full function, this product requires 2kHz tracer source

LighHawk Light Detention Probe PX-Q300

  • Detects 2kHz or Traffic IR light (500Hz avail.)
    Rugged aluminum packaging
    Audio / Visual leak detection
    Pocket size probe
    Two year warranty
    Rechargeable NiMH (no Lithium)
    Eye safe long distance alternative to VFL

  • 2kHz (or 500Hz) remote tracer source light detection
    Fault location in splice enclosures and hubs
    Fault location in dead zones
    Fiber tracing end to end (100km+)
    Fiber tracing by local bend
    Fiber bend and break pinpointing
    Port activity check
    Connector damage detection
    Bulkhead adapter troubleshooting
    Raw fiber location and continuity testing
    New installation scanning

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