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The HyperHeater is our portable, propane powered instant hot water heater compatible with the RinseKit PRO and PRO PAK. When combined with the PRO or PRO PAK, the HyperHeater can heat water up to 110 F in less than 30 seconds, so you can have a steaming hot shower in literally seconds. The HyperHeater also utilizes our max flow shower nozzle exclusively, so you can take a long, hot shower off-grid or at the campsite.

RinseKit HyperHeater Portable Instant Hot Water Heater

  • Note: ⚠ This is a tankless propane water heater that requires the power of a RinseKit PRO to work. It is not a stand alone product.

    • Hot Water Instantly - Connects quickly and easily to the RinseKit PRO and will begin to heat the water in as little as 15 seconds

    • Temperature Control - Get full control of the water temperature with a heating dial and temperature gauge so you can take a shower that feels just right

    • Propane Operated – The heater relies on propane gas to heat the water. Propane must be purchased separately

    • Shower Head Nozzle – Bring the sensation of your home shower, wherever the road takes you. Only compatible with the HyperHeater. Suction cup mount included

    • Safety Shutoff – Gas burner will automatically turn off when the water reaches 106°F

    • Convenient Storage Bag – Quickly and easily pack up your heater, gas and power cables

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