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The Immersion Heater is our electric water heater compatible with the RinseKit PRO and PRO PAK portable showers. The stainless steel rod screws into your PRO or PRO PAK, and is powered by either a 12 volt power cord or trailer hitch power cord. It can heat the water in your RinseKit up to 110°F! It boasts an LED top display panel to display any warning signs, as well as a safety shut off function so that it doesn’t overheat. When combined with the PRO or PRO PAK, the Immersion heater allows you to take a hot shower anywhere, without the use of propane or any other fuels.

RinseKit PRO Immersion Heater

  • Heating on the Go- Heats the water in RinseKit PRO or PRO PAK up to 110 degrees by connecting to 12 Volt power cord or Trailer Hitch power cord
    LED Top Display Panel- Color coded indicator lights reflect the heater's system and warning signs
    Stainless Steel Rod- Corrosion resistant probe screws into the drain port of the RinseKit and does not need to be removed
    Safety Shut Off- The heater will automatically turn off when water reaches 110 degrees F
    8 Foot Long Cord- Makes it easy to store almost anywhere while connected to power

  • • The 12V plug heats the water in your RinseKit approximately 13°F every hour, and the trailer hitch plug heats approximately 24°F every hour.

    • Do not connect the heater's 12v plug to the RinseKit PRO or PRO PAK's 12v socket. The battery in the PRO and PRO PAK is not large enough to sustain power to the heater.

    • The heater will heat as long as it is connected to a power source. Unplug the 12v or trailer hitch power cord from your vehicle when your engine is off. Your battery will drain if the plug stays connected.

    • Avoid closing your truck's tailgate on the power cord or submerging the power cords in water

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