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Christmas Tree Delivery

We all love a fresh tree for Christmas but who has the time to travel upstate, cut, and lug it home!

Tripolar Trees in Rockland County can help!

If you live in Rockland, Westchester, Bergen County, TPTrees will deliver fresh cut Christmas trees delivered to your house!

Currently delivering 6-8 Ft Douglas Fir (high-quality trees)

(Larger can be requested)


Here's how it works:

Pick a time 

Provide a deposit ($25, non-refundable)

TPT shows up during this time and shows you 3-5 6-8 Ft trees

We can take the tree into the house and ut the tree into the stand.

Total Cost of the Service - $250

Commitment - $25


Ask a question

Questions?  Want a larger tree?  Different type of tree?  Can't find a time that works?

Thanks for submitting!
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